Publications and Papers

By H. Peter Kahn

Papers archived at Cornell

Learning from the Masters of Modern Art by H. Peter Kahn, 2012, self-published by RSG Kahn and edited by David Frankel.
A collection of Kahn’s thoughts as an artist and teacher about art, compiled posthumously from his unfinished manuscripts by his wife, Ruth Gannett Kahn.
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From the Foreward:

“Kahn elucidates the eventual importance of “master-artist-teachers” in France, Germany, and America for the future of abstract art. Whereas European academies as training grounds for artists from the 17th century onward have been much discussed in relation to the ideas and styles that they propagated, and against which avant-garde artists rebelled, Kahn explains how the teachings of independent, modernist artists contributed to the demise of academic art. As catholic and scholarly as Kahn’s approach may be, his broad study benefits from the personal quality that resonates throughout, particularly in the descriptions of his reminiscences and in the illustration of his own work. The result is a book that is both creative and informative and that will prove valuable to both artists and art historians.” — Judith Bernstock, History of Art Department, Cornell University

Letters, Lines and Pages, a Practical Book of Letters, Peter Kahn, 1982, Fall Creek Press, Ithaca, NY.
“This portfolio/book is about LETTERS, written and printed, texts and inscriptions, initials and titles, the rhetorical function of letters, conventions and inventions, the history and use of letters” – H. Peter Kahn. Written in support of his course, “The History of the Book”, illustrated with woodcuts, drawing and alphabets from a variety of sources including the author.

A Little Writing Book by Peter Kahn, 1st edition 1979, 2nd edition 1981, The Crossing Press, Trumansburg, NY.
“This book is designed to teach you ‘calligraphy’: the art of writing beautifully”– H. Peter Kahn. Hand-lettered with illustration and alphabets by the author.

Illustrations and Collaborations

Circe by Giovanni Battista Gelli, 1965, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY.
10 dialogs between Ulysses and others. Two-color woodblock illustrations for each dialog and a portrait of Gelli.

4 Landscapes by Archie Ammons, illuminations by Peter Kahn, 1965, Fall Creek Press, Ithaca, New York.
Portfolio with two-color linoleum block illustrations.

The Professor’s Table by Evelyn Adams, 1970, A.S. Barrest Co., Inc.
Illustrations on all chapter headings. A cookbook/how-to rather than recipes.

Use it All, the Leftovers Cookbook by Jane March Dieckmann, 1982, The Crossing Press, Trumansburg, NY.
Illustrations throughout with recipes.